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Floor collapses in an apartment during a large college party
Shocking moment jumping partygoers cause floor to COLLAPSE at Texas university student apartments and have to climb up fallen debris and wood panels to get out the chaos
Video of a University of North Texas homecoming party show packed partygoers rowdily jumping in the living room of the Denton, Texas apartment early Sunday
And while dancing rapper PLAYBOI CARTI's What, the floor gives way and drops dozens of screaming people to the second floor
Those lucky enough not to have fallen quickly turn on the lights as those barely hanging on to the sides of the now sunken third floor room
According to Denton Fire Marshal Brad Lahart, five to seven people at the scene needed to be treated and were released
The Fire Marshal added that at least 48 residents were displaced as a result
On social media, news of the floor collapse spread with many shocked by what had happened as videos and pictures from the party started circulating
'WOW UNT Homecoming was ..... wait for it.... Ground breaking. #UNTCloutComing,' said a user on Twitter