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Bringing up Baby 1938 Original Trailer

Another great classic! Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant in a hysterical film! Go to your local video store and rent it!

Funny Shopping

This is a funny video of people shopping. Actually pretty cool too, these people are the shiznit.

Taco Bell My Chalupa

my favorite commercial of all time. because apparently, i am brainless. the guy in the pink shirt is the absolute best. yeah, i know this is not an EV video.

Ameriquest - All 5 Funny Commercials

Ameriquest - All 5 Funny Commercials

Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 24)

This video is copyright free for educational purposes. Feel free to mirror these videos with or without accreditation. For other videos of this genre check ...

1997 Twisted Metal 2 Commercial

Tm2 1997 for PS1

AirForce1 Tagged -- How Marc Ecko Spreads the Word!

http://unltd.is/PA8V71 Check out how Marc Ecko Spreads the Word



The curse of faith

Humanity's ball and chain. BOOK OF VIDEO TRANSCRIPTS NOW AVAILABLE http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback/godless-and-free/7864233 You can download an audio version of this video at http://patcondell.libsyn.com/

"stay crunchy" - messin with an e-piano sound

T-Shirts & signed CDs: https://www.ronaldjenkees.com/cd-store MP3s: https://www.ronaldjenkees.com/mp3-store iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/25pkerr This is another one in the very early stages, but it's fun to jam with. I messed with it quite a bit ...

eyeball sex

licking, eyeballs, pink, crazy, drunk, boys, girls, skeletons

Creationism Disproved?

Many Intelligent Design proponents often cite the complexity of the eye as proof that the eye is so complicated that it could not have evolved. Here scientists and educators explain how the eye fits very well into Darwin's evolution model. We ...

Cherry Poppin' Daddies - "Zoot Suit Riot" (original video)

BUY THE NEW CPD ALBUM! http://www.daddies.com/feature.cfm The original 1997 video for "Zoot Suit Riot" by Eugene, Oregon ska/swing band the Cherry Poppin' Daddies, from their fourth album of the same name. Directed by Isaac Camner and filmed at the ...

Michael English concert proposal 4/20/08

Michael English concert on 4/20/08 in Vero Beach, Florida...my fiancee proposes to me on stage!!

Wonder Dog, Captain retrieves frisbees underwater

Captain the dog retrieves 2 Frisbees underwater in one dive.

mylo tissue hiccup

mylo the jack russell puppy shredding a toilet roll and getting the hiccups.

NASA Robonaut Humanoid Space Robot

This is a clip from Doing the Dirty Work: Robots for Hire documenting the NASA Robonaut. The robot is an extravehicular telepresence astronaut designed to use human tools to assist in space duties such as repairs, upgrades, and emergency activity. ...

James Randi Exposes Telekinesis

James Randi explains how to move an object without touching (so-called telekinesis)

Dog scared of cat

My dog is afraid of my cat. She wasn't hissing or being aggressive, just sitting at the top of the stairs, but still Gunner wouldn't come. It makes me wonder what happens while I'm at work...

Night Shift (funny scene in movie)

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