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Facebook Bumper Stickers

some pics i found on facebook from the bumper sticker application

The Godfather: Part III - Cinema lessons

One of the most powerful scenes in the history of the cinema, Al Pacino is impressive.

A caller has proof of Creationism

This is a clip from episode 483 of "The Atheist Experience" TV show Watch the TV show at http://www.atheist-experience.com/

Worst Hunter vs. Dumbest Deer


Mr Submarine Commercial 1991

Mr Submarine Commercial 1991. Featuring Scottie Pippen and the Chicago Luvabulls

Jesus Protects Us From Being Poisoned

Mark 16:17-18 tells us that drinking poison will do no harm to those who believe. Edward Current celebrates this amazing gift from our loving Father by drinking a bottle of cyanide.

My Doorbell- White Stripes

My Doorbell- White Stripes

80's Popples Commmercial 2

This one being aimed at the boys.

Screaming frog

I found this frog screaming out loud in my backyard, in the Netherlands. Pretty stunning, I never knew frogs were able to scream like that. I took the frog to a safe spot after filming it, of course. It wasn't hurt in any way!

More demands from Islam

BOOK OF VIDEO TRANSCRIPTS NOW AVAILABLE http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback/godless-and-free/7864233 Another turn of the ...

The Passion in 5 Seconds


Zombie Nation - NES Gameplay

Game info/discussion at http://nesgui.de/zbn | "Zombie Nation" (NES), published by Meldac, 1991 | Also known as "Abarenbou Tengu" on the Famicom. | Basic demonstration of natural gameplay; no commentary, no cheats/tool-assistance, not a speed-run. ...

Baby Porcupine Eats A Banana and Has Hiccups!

This baby porcupine (also called porcupet) eats a banana. You'll hear tiny squeaks--those are hiccups! His mother was killed when she was hit by a car and someone got him to licensed wildlife rehabilitator Gail Buhl. He was orphaned and imprinted ...

Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 9).

This video is copyright free for educational purposes. Feel free to mirror these videos with or without accreditation. http://www.rationalresponders.com Part of a superb series of videos exposing the funny stupidity of creationists and why they ...

We Choose to go to the Moon

JFK's eternal speech at Rice University on September 12th, 1962 setting the goal of the space race during the 1960's

Ufo caught on Live Tv News! Turkey!

Real or Hoax? Please comment! TV news crew captures a serious of UFO shapceships coming in from the distance. The event attracts a crowd of people who look on in shook!

Murray the Demonic Talking Skull - Monkey Island

Guybrush once again meets up with Murray the Demonic Talking Skull on Jambalaya Island. From "Escape from Monkey Island," the fourth and so far last game in the Monkey Island series from Lucasarts.

Ericsson Cellphone commercial- one black coffee please- 1996

the famous indian commercial for ericsson cellphones that started it all in 1996. in good old days, having a cellphone was considered to be a status symbol ;)

News report on the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Students at Missouri State University open a local chapter of Flying Spaghetti Monster church. Official website: http://www.venganza.org/

Music Vest Commercial 1985

Music Vest Commercial 1985, Not sold in stores
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