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Chopsticks feeding Squirrel-like Kitten リスのような子貓 (featured in America's Cutest Cat)

As featured in Animal Planet's America's Cutest Cat 2010. To avoid being bitten and pounced on during kitty training, we have been using chopsticks and toothpicks to feed the kittens their treat. As seen in this video, this technique has worked ...

Joan Rivers on "The Ed Sullivan Show"

http://goo.gl/L27u - Performed on "The Ed Sullivan Show" on April 23, 1967. Available on "Ed Sullivan's All-Star Comedy Special" DVD available at EdSullivan.com

On Her Majesty's Secret Service - We Have All The Time In The World

The love song composed by John Barry with lyrics from Hal David and the very last song Louis Armstrong recorded featured On Her Majesty's Secret Service Sountrack This beautiful love song peaked at number 3 in the UK singles charts and was number ...

BeetleJuice loses his damn mind

Do not forget to check out luke skywalker in the background. He really steals the show

White Castle Wedding Louisville

This is a little video about a wedding held at a White Castle. The marriage ceremony was held on Valentine's day in 2009. It took place at the worlds largest White Castle restaurant in downtown Louisville

♥ Buffy & Spike - LoveGame (Lady Gaga)♥

...Have fun :D So is my 8th video. And my 3rd Buffy-video.^^ please rate & comment Watch my other videos :)

10 mins of yoga type exercises to do seated at your desk

Spending too long on the internet or at your PC? You need to watch your health and posture. Do these exercises for 10 mins each day and it will help you beat tiredness, headaches, carpel tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain and keep you healthy.

Minimalism - Kinetic Typography Poem

Trying my hand at After Effects. Text version at: http://www.azrienoch.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=74&Itemid=14

Real Top Guns F-111 Belly Landing


LEAKED: New iPhone Commercial

There really is an app for almost anything, even when there shouldn't be. http://www.AdamThinks.com/iphone/

Google Me

A documentary about a guy, Jim Killeen, who Googled himself and then went all over the world meeting others with his name.

SignExpo\Eyeclick JCrew Presentation Interactive Floor Signage

The shortest escalator in world. 世界一短いエスカレーター

The shortest escalator in world recognized by Guninness Book. 川崎モアーズ地下2Fにある、「プチカレーター」はギネスブックの91年度版に認定された、世界一短いエスカレーターです。Canon ...

1st Latvian Flash Mob FOLK Dance [Bite dāvana Rīgai] in Riga, August 20, 2009

August 20, 2009, RIGA. Ceturtdien, 20.augustā, kad Rīgas svētki vēl tikai gatavojās ieskaņai, Bite Latvija parūpējās par neparastu pārsteiguma dāvanu rīdziniekiem, organizējot pasaulē pirmo tautas dejas flashmob. Vairāk: ...

Dog takes New York art world by storm

Tillamook Cheddar is one talented canine, showing off his talents, painting up a storm in a New York studio and making a pretty penny to boot. Duration: 01:46

Macworld Cover Creation

After working on the latest cover for Macworld Magazine I wanted to show what is involved in making a cover. I focused on the three main areas: the photography, photoshop and design. I chose a time lapse format to convey lots of information in a ...

Bill Maher on the Superiority of Western Values

In response to multiculturalists who believe Muslim culture is "just different" and not inferior. Clip from "Victory Begins At Home", HBO Special from 2003. . . search keywords: Christopher Hitchens on the Left's Hypocrisy Ann Coulter richard ...

Crazy Weird Lazer

I did not create this video I found it only Daily Motion. Please visit http://www.youtube.com/user/daito for more videos and info. This technology is amazing!!

I Want Spiderman! By J.Jonah Jameson - A Crashb648 tribute video

VISIT MY WEBSITE HERE: http://www.thetributepages.info/ VISIT MY FACEBOOK PAGE HERE: http://www.facebook.com/thetributepages (Originally called A Jameson Tribute Video (from Spiderman 1, 2, 2.1, 3) Click more info to see the description of the ...

Rod Stewart - I am Sailing w/ lyrics

I'm just 16, but this song brings so may memories to my mind... and so many tears in my eyes... I would realy aprieciate it if youtube dosn't remove this video. (btw im sorry for my spelling, i'm dutch) Lyrics: I am sailing, I am sailing, Home ...
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