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Brooklyn Is Full Of Unexpected Hazards

Sometimes you just can't wait.

Lunch Break - 12.15.17

40 weird pictures that don’t mind getting a parking ticket!

They Say It's Nice To Have Someone With You When You Go To The Hospital, But...

Just call an ambulance when it happens, everything will be fine.

The Key To Fishing Is Having A Dog's Patience

Nice catch.

How Long Is Too Long To Follow A Drunk Stranger

Think they do this to a different guy at the bar every night?

Weatherwoman Quickly Disrobes While Giving The Forecast On Live TV

I don't have a problem with her decision to get out of the suit.

Let's Not Get a Drink Sometime

It has absolutely not been too long.

Two Brothers Get Tasered At Least A Half Dozen Times During Argument With Police

The cops were called after the brothers' mother said the two men refused to leave the house.

At Deregulation Event, Trump Cuts Red Tape (Get It?) With Oversized Scissors

Corny or genuine? You make the call.

Ripping apart "Flat Earthers" in under 5 minutes

Some people truly believe the world is flat. Those people are about to learn how none of their theories make any sense.

Female Shoplifters At Victoria's Secret Use Mace And A Stun Gun To Get Away

They made that look pretty casual.

US District Court Nominee Struggles To Answer Basic Legal Questions In Excruciating Senate Hearing

"What was the last time you read the Federal Rules of Evidence?" "...All the way through?"

This Guitar Orchestra Of 'The Imperial March' From 'Star Wars' Is Fricking Impressive

This rendition of "The Imperial March" only consists of 28 orchestra parts and 70 guitar tracks. No biggie, you know.

Kevin Hart Made Quite The Entrance On 'The Tonight Show'

Kevin is not one to do the standard walk and wave.

Trevor Noah Thinks The Accusations Of FBI Bias In The Russia Probe Are Overblown

"I'm disappointed... and not because this dude had an opinion on politics. I'm disappointed because this dude was a counterintelligence officer who wasn't covering his tracks."

Stephen Colbert Bids Sweet Farewell To The Internet As We Know It

"Stephen has a message for the FCC that also involves a phrase beginning with 'F.'"

When You Decide Enough Is Enough, It’s Time To Get Naughty In Public

What is it about the great outdoors that gets everyone so frisky?

This Weird New Material Actually Heals Under Pressure And Doesn't Crack

So in the future, if you smash your mug into pieces, you can just piece it back together on your own. In theory, of course.

Real-Life 'Grinch' Thief Is Burgling Homes In Santa Outfit

Now, that's not much of a holiday spirit, is it?

Broncos' Running Back Hurdles Colts' Defender, Makes Him Look Silly

A well-executed football hurdle is a thing of beauty, and this, from Denver's Devontae Booker, is top shelf.
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