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Every Costumed British Hooligan At This Cricket Game Teamed Up To Get A Beach Ball Back

Some of the costumes are in bad taste, but you can't get too mad at a flashmob of bros who aren't there to start a fight — they just want their ball back.

Farmer Tricks Pig Into Getting Some Much Needed Cardio With A Carrot On A Stick

It's not about actually ever getting the carrot. It's about the journey.

Protesters In Atlanta Adopted A Ludacris Hit As Their Chant

Atlanta residents took to the streets in an anti-racist solidarity march in response to last weekend's white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. While marching, they decided to keep up the energy with a little Luda.

Baby wildcat sounds like a broken CD-ROM drive.

It also kind of sounds like an electric toothbrush. ...

Germans replacing a manhole cover is quite interesting.

We didn't think replacing a manhole cover could be so entertaining. ...

San Jose State football coach busts a move on the field.

Alonzo Carter went from being a backup dancer for MC Hammer to a football coach. He's still got it. ...

Dad installed Nest cam to keep his kid from sneaking TV after bedtime. This is the last thing it recorded.

"I don't know what happened to the camera, dad. I promise..." ...

Mike Tyson calmly puts reporter in check.

We've all made mistakes in our youth. All we can hope to do is not let them define our future. ...

You probably think your dog is cool and yet, can it even shop for groceries?

There's not much to this post, and yet it is perhaps the most important thing I have ever written. Here is what I know: there is a dog, somewhere (perhaps the Bay Area, California), and that dog is pushing a shopping cart around in a grocery store. ...

Woman Being Hugged By Two Lions She Raised As Cubs Is Heartwarming And Terrifying

Ever wanted to get hugged by a really, really big cat? You might change your mind after watching this.

Armed Robber Forces Employee Back Into Store So He Can Get Cash

This happened at a dollar store in Winter Haven, Florida.

People Guess Celebrity Products

People Guess Celebrity Products BuzzFeedVideo / Via youtube.com ...

The BBC Radio Coverage Of The 1999 European Solar Eclipse Is Delightfully '90s

1999 is probably the last year you would've asked the Pet Shop Boys to make a special track to accompany the solar eclipse.

Epic Base Jump

  Category: Bizarre & Crazy, Cool   Tags: south america , base jump , wing suit , fly , mountain ,   Date: 2017-08-20 12:02:35 ...

Body Surf With Beer Golf

  Category: Bizarre & Crazy, Funny   Tags: body surfing , body surf , golf cart , beer , hole in one ,   Date: 2017-08-20 12:02:09 ...

Swapping Gliders In Mid Air

  Category: Bizarre & Crazy, Cool   Tags: parachute , glider , plane , swap , swapping plane , stunt ,   Date: 2017-08-20 12:02:56 ...

Ever Had A Cramp?

  Category: Bizarre & Crazy, Funny   Tags: cramp , leg , calf , training , bad cramp , muscles ,   Date: 2017-08-20 12:01:31 ...

Expert Thieves Steal ENTIRE ATM Machine With Forklift

Those thieves knew exactly what they were doing.

Robbers In Arkansas Stole An ATM Machine With The Help Of A Heavy-Duty Forklift

You'll probably never see a bigger application of brute force in a bank robbery.

Either This Guy Is Good At Acting Or He's Really Passing Out On A Roller Coaster

Seriously, this guy is either very dedicated to the joke or he's having a really bad day at the amusement park.
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