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Weather Channel Host Curses On Live Television And It Will Make You Laugh

She doesn't like your city.

Strong Winds From Hurricane Ophelia Manage To Blow A River Uphill

The dregs of hurricane Ophelia hit the British Isles several days ago, causing this small waterfall in Cumbria to stop falling and start flying.

Horse Has About Two Seconds Of Patience For Drunk Lad Who Wants To Ride Him

Emboldened by just two shots of vodka, the guy was sure he could ride this horse bareback no problem. He was wrong.

'Geostorm' marketing prank proves people won't keep their cool in a real disaster

Unsuspecting taxi passengers took a ride down a frozen street to experience a "Geostorm" to promote the new film by the same name. The stunt was created by viral marketers Thinkmodo. Read more...More about Film, Marketing, Movies, Funny, and Viral ...

When You’re Just Driving To Work And See The Worst Of What Humanity Has To Offer

Some people should never drive.

Your Thigh Bone Is Stronger Than Steel, And Other Weird Facts About The Human Body

You can never blow out all of the air in your lungs, your stomach is never empty, and human bodies will never not be crazy.

This Is How World Class Goalkeepers Train (With Ping Pong Balls)

We'd be lucky to catch any of these ping pong balls, let alone follow all the other instructions involved.

Bear Goes Window Shopping At Stores By Lake Tahoe

This was in Kings Beach, California.

Look At This Little Pupper Rock Out While Drinking Mom's Milk

When the music takes you over, don't fight it.

Get Your Daily Dose Of Spooky With This Timelapse Sculpture Of Pennywise The Clown

Don't you want it?

Four Adorable Bear Cubs Have Invaded A Backyard To Play With Owner's Swings

The fun of playground swings really is appropriate for all ages and species.

Guy Tries To Feed Tarpon Fish A Sardine With His Mouth, Pelican Has Other Ideas

To be fair, having a fish jump out of the water and snatch the bait from his mouth doesn't seem all that great either.

Watch NASA Test Out A New Rocket Engine For Deep Space Flights

The engine is intended for Orion, a spacecraft whose first mission will be an exploration into deep space.

Off-Road Drivers Watch In Disbelief As Basic Subaru Rips Up Crazy Slope

How must it feel to sit in your modified off-road truck and watch an unmodified old Subaru do this?

Mom Of Seven Becomes MILF After Lifestyle Overhaul That Leaves Her With Six-Pack

Pump it baby.

When Your Engineering Skills Come In Handy

Could use more screaming.

May We All Be As Committed To Our Passions As This Big Man Is To Ballet

Erik Cavanaugh is a professional choreographer out to prove that dancing is "for everyBODY and anyBODY."

The Latest Trailer For 'Blue Planet II' Is Spectacularly Beautiful

But, then again, that's to be expected for anything in the "BBC Earth" family. The first episode of "Blue Planet II" premieres October 29th.

Precision shooter.

It doesn't get more accurate than that. ...

A solution to the ocean's plastic problem.

Boyan Slat wants to be part of the solution... ...
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