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"You Had Too Many Fireballs!" Insanely Drunk Woman Acts Crazy As She's Arrested

She needs to lay off the alcohol.

Close call

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Fight Turns Ugly When Old Man Uses Broken Beer Bottle As Weapon

That was a dirty move.

NSFW Moment TV Host Realizes She Suffered A Nice, Big Wardrobe Malfunction

That wardrobe had no option other than to malfunction.

Ranking: 30 Bounciest GIFs On The Week

If you prefer the bounce, welcome to your home.

The Girl Who's Super Low-Maintenance

Not caring about anything is surprisingly annoying.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Train For Mar-a-Lago

Jared Kushner may have Donald Trump's confidence in the White House, but as his wife Ivanka Trump keeps telling him, the golf course at Mar-a-Lago is where you truly earn the president's respect.

Trump In The Wild: Handshakes

We catch the Donald's relentless pursuit of the upper hand in another installment of "Trump In the Wild".

Wow, Everyone's Flirting With Ally

So Ally's the hot new cheese on the pizza, is she? The sexy new little fancy dancer all the boys want? And I suppose Katie's just a couple of dirty ol' quarters in a payphone slot now... just waiting for a hobo to TAKE HER AWAY to his ...

We Bought Discount Shelves, They'll Be Fine

That's when you walk out and get a drink.

You Have To Hold The Rope Swing

Who buttered this thing?

The Rare But Incredible Kick KO

That's some old school Jean-Claude Van Damme stuff.

Here's All You Need To Know About The Great American Eclipse Happening On Monday

An astrophysicist explains where you should be and how you should prepare for the Total Solar Eclipse occurring on August 21.

Adorable Dog Has Been Trained To Advertise Burger Bar For Its Owner

We hope he gets paid in doggy treats.

Medusa Wasn't Always The Hideous Monster She Appears To Be In Greek Mythology

Her transformation into a monster with snakes for hair and a gaze that would turn men into stone is actually a horribly chilling story.

Maybe This Ref Should Consider A New Career

What the hell was he waiting for?

Insanely Talented Korean Kid Serves Up A Sick Beatbox Routine

We could literally listen to this artist, Bigman, beatbox all day.

What Percent Banana Are You?

It’s probably more than you think. What Percent Banana Are You? BuzzFeedBlue / Via youtube.com ...

This Classic 'Key & Peele' Sketch Finally Got The Piano Accompaniment It Deserves

Because a true best friend is worthy of an original piano composition too.

You Know You're Popular When The Bird Gets Excited To See You

Probably just wants some seed.
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