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Autonomous Racing Car Full Lap | Devbot | Berlin 2017

You asked for a full lap inside Devbot and here it is, watch the autonomous lap at speed around the Berlin ePrix.

Georgia, Healthcare, and All The Other Bad Things | June 21, 2017 Part 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

Don't let summer distract you from the fact that the news is still bad! Here's your weekly nightmare roundup. Watch Full Frontal with Samantha Bee all new Wednesdays at 10:30/ 9:30c on TBS!

The Mega Kitchen Serving 40,000 People Each Day

With one of the largest kitchens in Asia, the Shri Saibaba temple in Shirdi, India, prepares, cooks and serves quantities of food that are nearly unimaginable. The kitchen dishes out as many as 40,000 meals per day, every day, all year long. It takes ...

Loki plays hide and seek

I'm sure my petrol cap was on this side

Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom There's too much stress in the world, hopefully this will cheer you up.

"Shia LaBeouf" Live - Rob Cantor

“SHIA LABEOUF” is a song by Rob Cantor. It tells the true story of an actual cannibal. Learn more here: http://www.robcantor.com Purchase the song on Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/1zjiH5Z Behind-the-scenes: ...

Every Michael Jackson Grunt

Mesmerising rupert murdoch sez: email licensing@storyful.com if you wanna use this video in a commercial player or broadcasts. help me make megabux off a dead guy!

Lawyer Refuses to answer questions

Lawyer refuses to cooperate.

Dirt Bikes And Trampolines Don't Mix

No need to stay on a path or brake or anything.

Guy Kite Surfs With One Year Old

This father and child decided to take advantage of the lake in their backyard. They hopped on the kitesurf and...

Boy Hits Himself with Bo Staff

A father coached his son on how to spin a bo staff. ?As the boy spun the staff, he realized...

Guy Shows Off Awesome Soccer Freestyle Skills

This guy brought a soccer ball into the alleyways and began to show off his amazing freestyle skills. He even...

Sea Lion Hitches Ride on Back of Boat

On a recent trip to Mexico, this surf photographer got the chance to capture an amazing video. A sea lion...

Ever Just Have A Total Spazz Moment?

Hey man, staying upright ain't easy.

The Birth of Beyonce's Twins Got it's Own Visual Album Like Lemonade

Beyonce just gave birth to twins and to commemorate the Queen B herself just dropped a new visual album entitled "Birth". It's like Lemonade, but with childbirth.

Worst Cat Burglar Ever

Good job, fella.

When road rage goes terribly wrong

Chris Traber was driving on the 14 Freeway in Santa Clarita when he witnessed a dramatic road rage incident involving a motorcyclist and the driver of a sedan. He started recording as the incident escalated Police are investigating.(10 votes - 3 ...

Harry Potter's Later Years

Just trying to make a living, maybe conjure a demon.

Lunch Break - 6.24.17

40 weird pictures that aren’t really a doctor but are happy to take a look!

How Fast Is Too Fast To Turn Around?

Back to bicycles for you, mister.
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