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How to shut up a marxist (Jordan Peterson speech)

Snippet from a speech given by Professor Jordan B Peterson at the University of Toronto, during an event organized by the group Students in Support of Free Speech.

Possessed Woman Rages On The Subway

►Possessed Woman Rages On The Subway

Can Climate Models Predict Climate Change?

Predicting climate temperatures isn't science – it's science fiction. Emeritus Professor of Physics at Princeton University Will Happer explains. Donate today to PragerU! http://l.prageru.com/2eB2p0h Have you taken the pledge for school choice? ...

Motorcycle gang in 2018

100+ riders taking over the streets - 03-23-2018, FRI, 12 midnight.

Hilarious!... Facebook's Zuck The Cuck Just Lost $14 Billion In 3 Days

Hilarious!... CIA Owned Zuck The Cuck Just Lost Billions Of ...

What is this?

This happened today -03-23-2018 FRI 9am

The Kinder Morgan pipeline debate, explained

Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain expansion project has sparked protests from environmentalists and Indigenous communities, caused a trade war between two provinces and brought about the arrest of a federal party leader. Could this be the Standing Rock ...

April 1990 - Video I shot of my typical day of a high school student

April 1990 - Video I shot of my typical day of a high school student

Terrifying Clown Grabs Robotic Kid

Terrifying Clown Grabs Robotic Kid Terrifying Clown Grabs Robotic Kid ------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE for awesome videos every day!: ...

rocket engine

rocket engines and fission technology


HERE we are again. It seems like every other day a guest brings up the moon landing with Joe. Each time depending on th3 guest his opinion and views seem to change. With every podcast you could wonder what Joe will we get? The moon landing crusader ...

World War III, 1989: NATO vs Warsaw Pact

Install Vikings: War of Clans now and get 200 gold! iOS - http://bit.ly/2tsGaoZ Android - http://bit.ly/2DbZx5p Video explores Cold war going hot in 1989. Warsaw Pact clashes with NATO pact on worldwide fronts. This third and final video in the ...

Trump's White House announces transgender troops ban

Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant

We explored a place we refer to as Government Spider. This is one of the most epic places we have ever explored. Visit our Facebook for more adventures, www.facebook.com/ChurchOfAtomUE Also we really appreciate the love and support on this video, ...

Laura Ingraham: Congress and the Wall

“The most important thing the president promised, his number one priority, was getting that border wall built. Did that get lost on the people in Congress?” - Laura Ingraham http://fxn.ws/2FYU4VN FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour ...

Выступление посла Джона Болтона в день празднования дня российской Конституции

О праве на ношение оружия, 10 декабря 2013 Поддержи право на необходимую самооборону. Вступай в сообщества движения "Право на ...

Mich. Farmers Nervous Over China Trade Dispute

One Michigan soybean farmer says he and others are "very nervous" about the impact of a potential trade war with China. David Williams is afraid China will retaliate, and target U.S. exports like soybean. (March 23) Subscribe for more Breaking News: ...

Potential trade war with China could impact Kansas soybean industry

The big topic at Friday's Kansas Soybean Association meeting was potential fallout from a trade war between the world's two biggest economies.

More nosense training coming from africa

Please subscribe to my channel for your new access https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOpKUuo0BlYu4Y0ux2EViBA https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo1c0OIMXtCNl3yG50NPlSg المرجو منكم الاشتراك في قناتي لكي تدعموني ...

DÖF - Codo ... düse im Sauseschritt 1983 - Live Auftritt

DÖF - Codo ... düse im Sauseschritt - Live Auftritt NDW-Lied der Band Deutsch-Österreichisches Feingefühl aus 1983. Text und Musik von Joesi Prokopetz und Manfred Tauchen sowie der deutschen Sängerin Annette Humpe. Alle Rechte liegen natürlich ...
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